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The Registrar’s Office

Warriner Hall 212; 989-774-3261


The Registrar’s Office is committed to using both professionalism and the highest level of technology to provide efficient and effective services while still maintaining personal attention as a top priority. The Registrar’s Office assists the Mission and Vision of Central Michigan University through ensuring the integrity of student records, collaboration with Strategic Enrollment Management initiatives, policy and procedure interpretation and enforcement and providing data and perspective to both internal and external constituents. The Registrar’s Office provides a continuum of services throughout a student’s academic life cycle and into alumni status.

Primary services provided include: academic record creation and maintenance, ensuring compliance with the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), enrollment verification, providing transcript evaluation, NCAA eligibility verification, final graduation audits for conferral of credentials, overseeing term course registration activities, oversight of academic scheduling and space assignments, data mining and limited analytics and support to campus stakeholders in the creation, modification and implementation of student affiliated policies and procedures as applicable.

Dates and Procedures

Information regarding dates and procedures for on-campus registration for a particular semester or session is published online by the Registrar’s Office at Central Michigan University offers the earliest registration appointment times to all active military personnel, certified veterans and those deemed eligible for VA benefits by the Dept. Veteran Affairs. Central Michigan University also reserves the right to permit other approved student populations earlier registration appointment times as designated. Military Veterans will receive earliest Priority Date based on their official course registration date and class availability.

The academic year at CMU is divided into the following sessions: two semesters of sixteen weeks each and two summer sessions of six-weeks each with concurrent three-week and twelve-week sessions. For opening dates, see the university calendar at the front of this Bulletin.

Change of Registration (Drop/Add)

Courses may be dropped using CentralLink with a full cancellation of tuition and fees any time before the course meets a second time. Courses can be added only during registration. Refer to the Course Search & Registration for registration dates and procedures.

For Global Campus and CMU Online classes, registration, drop and withdrawal dates see drop-withdraw.aspx.

Drop and Withdrawal Policy for Online Courses

For Global Campus and CMU Online classes, registration, drop and withdrawal dates, see

All CMU Online courses start on a Monday and end on a Friday. Students are encouraged to frequently and consistently log into their online course, ideally every day. Tuition refunds requested prior to the start date of the course shall be made in full. The start time for CMU Online courses is 12:01 a.m. EST on the first day of class. Drop/withdrawal requests received after that will be assessed a $50 fee. Each new week for an online class begins on Monday at 12:01 a.m. EST and ends on the following Sunday at 12:00 midnight EST. The amount of tuition refunded is based on the week the request is received within. Holidays do not have any effect on this definition of a week. Students may not withdraw after the midpoint of the course.

Students who cease/fail to attend (virtual or otherwise) and have not formally withdrawn from the course will receive a grade of “E.” A charge-back for financial aid may be incurred based on student’s last date of academic participation in the class. See Scholarships and Financial Aid section of this Bulletin for additional information.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

This area of the Registrar’s Office evaluates transcripts for undergraduate transfer credit. Students may contact the Assistant Registrar-Transfer Credit if they have questions regarding their transfer credit evaluation. Transferability of coursework from all Michigan Community Colleges as well as many other colleges and universities can be viewed at Students planning to complete coursework at colleges or courses not listed on this webpage should complete the Transfer Credit Equivalency form at

Minimum Class Enrollment

The university reserves the right to cancel any class in which too few students enroll.

Enrollment at Other Institutions

A matriculated CMU undergraduate student who has completed coursework at another college or university since his or her last enrollment at CMU must request that an official transcript be sent to the CMU Registrar’s Office as soon as the course has been completed. Electronic official transcripts can be sent from the institutions to Refer to the Transfer Credit Policy in the Academic Policies and Procedures Section of this Bulletin.