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Updates and Corrections to the 23-24 Undergraduate Bulletin

Check back for updates to this page: last updated 3/28/24.

  • The Public Affairs Minor has been deleted from the 23-24 Bulletin by approval of the Academic Senate on 3/21/23.
  • The Advanced Placement table was updated with African American Studies.
  • In the Teaching English Language Arts Grades 5-12 Major -  under Admissions, the first item was corrected to say EDU 107 (not ENG 107) per the original proposal. UCC minutes of 11/16/22 were corrected to reflect this. The paper 23-24 bulletin is correct.
  • Information on the Dean's List was updated.
  • The Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration is now the Department of Marketing, Hospitality, and Logistics.
  • The Biology major and minor on the B.S. in Education are on hiatus for admissions as of 8/16/23. Contact the Department of Biology for more information.
  • The Offset Policy was added per the Registrar's request.
  • The Undergraduate Certificate in Deafblind Intervener and associated designator DBI have been moved to the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Administration.
  • The Teaching English Learners Minor and associated designator TEL have been moved to the College of Education and Human Services.
  • On the CLEP table, the Biology course title was updated to General Biology (Page 99 on the posted pdf).
  • On the BAA, the Commercial Music major was omitted from the list, and has been added to the degree.
  • IPR Major - In the Admissions, Retention, and Termination Standards, the words “and elective” were removed from Item 1 of the section called Grade Point Average and in Item 4 under Internship Requirements, “including electives” was removed and “all courses” changed to “required courses.”
  • French AP equivalent courses updated.
  • Athletic Training Major  - Updated Admissions, Retention, and Termination Standards - Admissions: Items 1, 2, and new Item 8. Retention: Item 3. (Page 245)
  • Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Major - In the paper version only, Required Courses IV was left off. The pdf has been corrected.
  • Information on the Withdrawal Fee was added per e-mail from the Provost.
  • The Late Fee was removed from Tuition and Fees section (as of Fall 2023).

The Editor regrets any inconvenience to students, faculty, and staff caused by errors to the Bulletin. If you have any concerns or corrections, please call 989-774-1590 or

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information about CMU’s academic programs available in the 2023-24 academic year and information concerning admissions, academic regulations and requirements, services available to students, and CMU staff and faculty. Students are responsible for ensuring that all requirements for graduation have been met. It is expected that students will regularly discuss their plans of study with academic advisors.

Central Michigan University reserves the right to modify curricula, rules, policies, fees, program requirements, and courses offered and other information contained in this Bulletin at any time, without notice. The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute a contract, express or implied.