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Registration Information and Procedures

Graduate students are limited to 15 credits per semester. This includes credits taken in all class formats. The ending date of the course determines which semester the course belongs to. Generally classes ending after August 16 and before December 31 constitute the fall semester; January 1 to May 15 the spring semester and May 16 to August 15 the summer semester. Exceptions to this credit hour limitation will be granted for extenuating circumstances only and require approval of your academic advisor.

Many 500 level courses can be considered either graduate or undergraduate, depending on the students’ status. Courses numbered 600-900 are open only to graduate students. Many courses offer students the ability to place themselves onto a wait list should the course no longer have available seats. This means that if a section of a course that has a wait list available is closed, students can add themselves onto the section’s wait list and should a space open up in the section, students from the wait list will automatically be moved into the course.

Students are eligible to enroll in graduate level courses after they receive their admission letter. Initial registration must occur within one calendar year of the admission date or the student will need to reapply. Graduate students may register any time during the registration period via It is recommended that they register during the time reserved for graduate students. Central Michigan University offers the earliest registration appointment times to all active military personnel, certified veterans and those deemed eligible for VA benefits by the Dept. Veteran Affairs. Military Veterans will receive earliest Priority Date based on their official course registration date and class availability. Central Michigan University also reserves the right to permit other approved student populations earlier registration appointment times as designated.

Before registering for courses, students should verify that they meet the prerequisites. This is particularly true for internships, practica, independent studies, and thesis/dissertation credits. CAUTION: Students should always consult their advisors to determine which classes to take.

CAUTION: Students should always consult their advisors to determine which classes to take.

Note: Occasionally a student who is trying to register is told that there is a “hold” on their registration. Students who receive this message should contact Graduate Admissions at 989-774-4444 to determine the cause of the hold.

Information regarding dates and procedures for on-campus registration for a particular semester or session is published online by the Registrar’s Office at The academic year at CMU is divided into the following sessions; two semesters of sixteen weeks each, and two summer sessions of six-weeks each with concurrent three-week and twelve-week sessions. For opening dates, see the university calendar at the front of this Bulletin.