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Non-Degree Special Admission

Admission Requirements. If you hold a bachelor degree or a higher degree from an accredited college or university, you may be admitted to the university as a non-degree special student upon presentation of credentials showing that you hold such a degree or degrees. If you are 21 years of age or older and you are unable to furnish the usual admission credentials, you may be admitted as a non-degree special student with the permission of the Director of Admissions. Before a non-degree special student can qualify for a degree or certificate from this university, you must have met the requirements for regular admission.

When to Apply. If you are considering non-degree special admission, you should apply well in advance and at least two weeks prior to the start of classes.

How to Apply. The regular application form available in each Michigan high school or the CMU Admissions Office may be used for non-degree special admission. Students should check non-degree status on the application.