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Department of World Languages and Cultures

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Amy Ransom, Chair

305 Pearce Hall, 989-774-3786

Maria Chouza-Calo, Ph.D., Spanish

Leila Ennaili, Ph.D., French

Carolina Gutierrez-Rivas, Ph.D., Spanish

Luz Marcela Hurtado, Ph.D., Spanish

Mary-Garland Jackson, Ph.D., Spanish

Susan Knight, Ph.D., Spanish

Krzysztof Kulawik, Ph.D., Spanish

Roberto Mendoza, Ph.D., Spanish

Amy Ransom, Ph.D., French

Alejandra Rengifo, Ph.D., Spanish

Norma Richardson, Ph.D., Spanish

Daniela Richter, Ph.D., German

Course Designators:

FLN - Foreign Language

FRN - French

GER - German

SPN - Spanish

Graduate-level courses offered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures may be appropriate as electives on various graduate degree curricula.