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Citizen Engagement, Graduate Certificate

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 18 hours

The 18 credit-hour graduate certificate in Citizen Engagement is designed to provide awareness of trends in engagement in public life, as well as training in how to enhance citizens' participation in democratic processes, civil society and political institutions. The program includes two required courses in addition to a required applied practicum in citizen engagement. The remaining credits are elected from three groupings of courses: Public Opinion Polling, Elected Institutions and Processes, or Appointed Institutions and Processes. Requiring both electives to be taken from the same category is intended to help students develop citizen engagement skills tailored to their specific political interests and to a traditional point of access in American government.

The certificate addresses a democratic society's need for elected officials, public servants, and civil society leaders who not only value authentic citizen engagement in public life, but are trained in various techniques for promoting their participation.

Students seeking the certificate must hold a competed baccalaureate degree or have acceptance into a graduate degree program at CMU.

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to:

  • Assess the current state of citizen participation in public life.
  • Evaluate factors that affect citizens' willingness and ability to participate in public life.
  • Identify citizen engagement techniques used by government to enhance authentic participation in democratic processes, civil society and political institutions.
  • Identify the techniques used by citizens and advocacy groups to engage their community, political groups, and governmental institutions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively use techniques that promote deliberation and democratic decision-making.
  • Use social science research methods to assess the effectiveness of various citizen engagement techniques.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (12 hours)

PAD 795Internship in Public Administration


PSC 513Citizen Engagement in Public Life


PSC 681Qualitative Research in Political Science and Public Administration


Note: Six (6) hours are required for PAD 795.

Electives (6 hours)

Select two courses from one of the following categories:

Electives I - Public Opinion Polling (0-6 hours)

Select PSC 794 for three (3) hours and one other course:

PSC 583Survey Research


PSC 680Methodology of Political Research


PSC 682Techniques of Political Research


PSC 794Practicum in Public Polling


Electives II - Elected Institutions and Processes (0-6 hours)

Select two courses:

PAD 661Administration and Policy in American State Government


PSC 514American Public Policy Making


PSC 520American National Government and Politics


PSC 761Seminar in American State Government


Note: Select 3 credits of PAD 661 OR PSC 761, not both.

Electives III - Appointed Institutions and Processes (0-6 hours)

Select two courses:

PAD 585Public Sector Information Technology Management


PAD 610Foundations of Public Administration


PAD 713Public Budgeting and Finance


PAD 773Administration and Ethics in Public Service


Total: 18 semester hours