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Department of Philosophy and Religion

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Guy M. Newland, Chair

288 Anspach 989-774-3793

James B. Coleman, Ph.D., Ethics

Gary Fuller, B.Lit., Philosophy of Mind

Hugh T. Halman, Ph.D., Islam

Roger D. Hatch, Ph.D., Religion and Society

Hope May, Ph.D., Ancient Philosophy

John Meixner, Ph.D., Philosophy of Science, Logic

Merlyn E. Mowrey, Ph.D., Ethics and Feminist Thought

Guy M. Newland, Ph.D., History of Religions, Tibetan Buddhism

Robert Noggle, Ph.D., Ethics

William W. Reader, Th.D., Biblical Studies, Greek

Mark Shelton, Ph.D., Ethics

David L. Smith, Ph.D., Modern Religious Thought

Greg Spinner, Ph.D., Judaism, History of Religions

Robert Stecker, Ph.D., Aesthetics

John Wright, Ph.D., History of Modern Philosophy 18th Century

Course Designators:

PHL - Philosophy

REL - Religion

Graduate-level courses offered by the Department of Philosophy & Religion may be appropriate as electives on various graduate degree curricula.