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Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration

College of Business Administration

Dr. Richard Divine, Chair

100 Smith Hall 989-774-3701

Concha Allen, Ph.D., Marketing/Professional Sales

Steven H. Dahlquist, Ph.D., Marketing/Professional Sales

Rebecca Dingus, Ph.D., Marketing/Entrepreneurship

Richard L. Divine, Ph.D., Marketing

Michael S. Garver, Ph.D., Marketing

Sean Goffnett, Ph.D., Marketing/Logistics

Deborah Gray, Ph.D., Marketing

Obinna Obilo, Ph.D., Marketing

Yae Sock Roh, Ph.D., Hospitality

Samuel Spralls III, Ph.D., Marketing

Crina Tarasi, Ph.D., Marketing

Zachary Williams, Ph.D., Marketing/Logistics

Course Designators:

MKT - Marketing

HSA - Hospitality Services Administration

The Program:

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)