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Department of Communication

College of the Arts and Media

Dr. Michael Papa, Chair

333 Moore Hall, 989-774-3177

Elizabeth Carlson, Ph.D., Communication

William Dailey, Ph.D., Communication

Tisha Dejmanee, Ph.D., Communication

Edward Hinck, Ph.D., Communication

Diane Krider, Ph.D., Communication

Alysa Lucas, Ph.D., Communication

Joseph Packer, Ph.D., Communication

Michael Papa, Ph.D., Communication

Wendy Papa, Ph.D., Communication

Shelly Schaefer Hinck, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies; Communication

Kirsten Weber, COM Area Coordinator, Ph.D., Communication

Lesley Withers, Ph.D., Communication

Course Designators:

COM - Communication


The Program:

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Communication

Financial Aid

The department offers the following kinds of financial aid: teaching assistantships and forensics assistantships. Graduate teaching assistants teach two classes of COM 101 per semester, graduate forensics assistants work and travel with either the debate team or individual events participants and may teach one COM 101 class. Graduate administrative assistantships may also be available. All assistantships begin in the fall semester. Assistants in good standing are eligible for a minimum of two semesters of financial support and a 20-credit tuition scholarship. Graduate assistantships may be renewed for an additional two semesters. Application deadline: March 15.