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Department of Art and Design

College of the Arts and Media

Mr. Jonathon Russell, Chair

132 Wightman Hall, 989-774-3025

Rachael Barron-Duncan, Ph.D., Art History

Larry Burditt, M.F.A., Graphic Design

Jeremy Davis, M.F.A., Sculpture

Scott de Brestian, Ph.D., Art History

Brian Elder, M.F.A., Painting

Steve Leeper, M.F.A., Animation

Clark Most, M.F.A., Graphic Design

Johanna Paas, M.F.A., Printmaking

Jonathon Russell, M.F.A., Graphic Design

Kris Sanford, M.F.A., Photography

Greg Stahly, M.F.A., Ceramics

David Stairs, M.F.A., Graphic Design

Al Wildey, M.F.A., Photography

Course Designator:

ART - Art & Design

Graduate-level courses offered by the Department of Art & Design may be appropriate as electives on various graduate degree curricula.