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Mathematics, Department of

Course Designator: MTH

For information, please contact the chairperson, 214 Pearce Hall; 989-774-3597,


Why Study Mathematics?

What do the mathematical sciences involve? They all involve the study of patterns. Many, but not all, of these patterns involve numbers. Some of these patterns emerge from problems or situations in the world around us. Others emerge from considering how mathematical ideas fit together. People with a background in the mathematical sciences solve problems. Some mathematicians solve problems dealing with communications technology. Mathematics teachers help others learn about ideas in the mathematical sciences. As a mathematician, your problem-solving expertise will allow you to make contributions to many areas like business, industry, government, education, and more. The study of mathematics includes comprehensive training in thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. These skills will strengthen your education, make you a well-rounded individual and enhance your appeal to employers worldwide.

Mathematics at CMU

The Department of Mathematics provides a variety of programs. Depending on preference, a student may prepare to become a teacher of mathematics; study to become an applied mathematician; prepare for graduate work in mathematics; or earn a general liberal arts undergraduate degree with a major in mathematics. A minor program in mathematics is available for a student needing a concentration in mathematics to support their major. In addition, service courses are provided for programs throughout the university, and a number of courses meet the mathematics competency requirement.

The Faculty

Ahmed Assaf, Debraj Chakrabarti, Jean Chan, Lisa DeMeyer, Ana Dias, Martha Frank, Thomas Gilsdorf, George Grossman, Yeonhyang Kim, Douglas A. Lapp, Meera Mainkar, Tibor Marcinek, Sivaram K. Narayan, Christine M. Phelps-Gregory, Katrina Piatek-Jimenez, Leela Rakesh, Ben Salisbury (Chair), Pete Vermeire, Jordan Watts, Dmitry Zakharov, Xiaoming Zheng

The Programs:

Mathematics Major

Mathematics Major: Applied Mathematics Concentration

Mathematics Major: Pure Mathematics Concentration

Mathematics Minor

Computational Mathematics and Analytics Minor


Teaching Mathematics Grades 5-12 Major (Secondary)

Teaching Mathematics Grades 5-9 Minor (Secondary)

Teaching Mathematics Grades 7-12 Minor (Secondary)