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Updates and Corrections to the 21-22 Bulletin

  • General Education - Competencies: Freshman Composition - Correction: AP exam was removed from Item C, as it has not been accepted since 2014.
  • Reading in the Elementary Grades Minor is on hiatus.
  • The Integrated Science Major and Minor for Elementary are on hiatus.
  • Outcomes and Objectives were added to the Computer Science major.
  • Geography Department - Admission, Retention, and Termination standards were updated on several programs.
  • The non-degree Coaching Endorsement, previously offered by the Physical Education and Sport department, has been deleted and will no longer be offered.
  • Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy was revised by the Academic Senate on October 27, 2020. The paper version is correct.
  • FIN 445, BLR 445, and BLR 491 were corrected. The paper bulletin is correct.
  • Page 18 - Resident Tuition section was updated, 2nd paragraph (print version is correct)
  • Page 122 - BSED Birth-Grade 6 - Special Course Requirements III should say 6-9 hours (not 3 hours).
  • Transcript Fee - has been updated.
  • Page 20 - Graduate Rate of Pursuit for 15-16 week courses was updated.
  • BSED (Birth through Grade 6) - added statement that English as a Second Language (ESL) minor may be added to any major listed above.
  • WGS 213 should say "Identical to HDF 213."
  • Page 321 - Actuarial Science Major - changed A-R-T statement about double counting with Mathematics major or minor.
  • Sport Management Major - Item 1 of the Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards have been updated.
  • Admissions web address has been updated to
  • Please use the online or posted pdf for the most up-to-date correct course listings (versus the paper version, which is incorrect). 
  • The Undergraduate Certificate in Technical and Professional Writing is on hiatus and not accepting admissions at this time.
  • Page 221 - Counseling and Special Education Department - Special Education Majors - Admission, Retention and Termination standards section was updated regarding SPE 126 to say "Students must earn a grade of C or higher in SPE 126 (3) Introduction to Special Education."   
  • HDF 309 is approved for offering as writing intensive.
  • Page 168 - The Electronic Media Sales Minor is on hiatus as of 1/1/22.
  • Page 136 - Mathematics Competency - The list of MTH teaching courses that are excluded from counting for competency was updated to reflect the current courses used.
  • GEL 502 - Prerequisite should say CHM 132, not BIO 132.
  • Page 248 - Dietetics Major - introductory first paragraph was updated.
  • Prerequisites listed with FNS designator in courses were updated to NDS because of designator change to all NDS courses. Primarily affects NDS courses, but also HSA 445 and HSC 313.
  • Anthropology Minor is available via CMU Online.
  • BLR 445 was corrected to say "Identical to FIN 445."
  • PSC 426 was corrected to say "Identical to WGS 426 and PHL 426."
  • Sport Management Minor - Item 1 under Admissions was updated.
  • GEO 505 - The correct title is "Mapping and Surveying Technology: CAD, GPS, and UAS
  • ART 308 - The description was corrected to add the sentence "This course is repeatable when content is not duplicated."
  • The following UG certificates are on hiatus: Human Geography, European Studies, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and Social Justice in Global Health, as of the 21-22 academic year.
  • The Cultural and Global Studies Major and Minor are on hiatus as of the 21-22 academic year.
  • French Major - The Core Courses were left off the online version, but the print/pdf version was correct.
  • Music Major: Voice -  Required Courses IV should say "3 hours of..."
  • B.Mus - Music: Composition Major - Under "Other Requirements" the phrase "Select one of the following" was removed because 6 hours (both courses) are required. It did not change the amount of hours on the major and was correct in SAP and the printed Bulletin.
  • On the Teaching Early Childhood, B-K & Early Childhood Special Education Major, B.S.Ed. (Standard Certificate, B-6), in the Admission, Retention, and Termination Standards, Item 2 was updated to say "Student must receive a grade of C+ or better in HDF 302HDF 303HDF 402HDF 403HDF 409, and SPE 585 in order to graduate with this major."


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