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Your Degree Plan

The undergraduate program of study at CMU consists of a minimum of 120 credit hours of academic work (depending which degree you choose) completed according to a planned program. The degree plan you choose to follow will be largely influenced by your choice of a major and your decision to earn or not to earn teacher certification. As you complete your degree requirements you will need to read carefully with your advisor the sections in this Bulletin entitled:

General Education Requirements:

The Competencies

University Program

Requirements for Graduation

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

General Education Requirements

You should include in your beginning studies the General Education Requirements which consist of the Competencies and the University Program.

If you are pursuing teacher certification, you will also need to complete Teacher Certification Requirements. You must immediately and carefully read Standards Leading to Teacher Certification. Students interested in teaching in the elementary and secondary grades may contact the College of Education and Human Service Center for Student Services for pre-admission advising.

Other Degree Requirements

This coursework will provide a plan of study appropriate to a particular degree outside of the major and minor field(s).

Specialized Studies (Major and Minor)

Majors and minor(s) (if any) have their own requirements. Each is detailed under the department that offers it. A list of all majors and minors offered and the degrees to which they are applicable can be located under Majors and Minors.

Additional Majors and Minors Policy

Students may, after completing a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, attend Central Michigan University as a post-baccalaureate student to complete an additional major, minor, or certificate. Students must be admitted to CMU and declare the additional major, minor, or certificate with an advisor. When all coursework toward the additional major, minor, or certificate has been completed, a statement will be added to the student’s transcript noting the completion of such major, minor, or certificate with the date of completion.

(Approved by the Academic Senate, March 24, 2020)

Professional Studies Requirements and Electives

Several degrees contain a block of courses to satisfy professional studies requirements. An example may be found under the requirements for the B.S. in Education degree. Read these sections carefully and note their applicability to the degree plan that you have chosen.

Several degrees also contain electives which are blocks of credit hours that are completely unspecified. Students pursuing those degrees may elect to take courses in any department of the university to complete the minimum number of credit hours required for graduation.