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Graduate Studies

251 Foust; 989-774-6777: E-mail:; Web page:

Central Michigan University enrolls graduate students from all areas of the United States and from around the world. Students interested in graduate degree programs are encouraged to visit the Graduate Studies website at Students may also send an email to or call 989-774-4723 for more information. Graduate course descriptions and detailed information on graduate programs are available in the Graduate Bulletin.

Concurrent Enrollment (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Undergraduate students who have been admitted to an Accelerated Master’s Degree Program or who have no more than twelve undergraduate credits remaining to complete their bachelor’s degree may apply for Concurrent Admission, which enables students to register for graduate credit for the semester or session in which requirements will be completed for their bachelor’s degrees. Concurrent admission is granted only to those who would qualify for admission to graduate study at the end of the concurrent session.

Master of Science in Administration*

MSA Digital Management
MSA Emergency Management and Homeland Security 
MSA Engineering Management
MSA General Administration
MSA Health Services Administration
MSA Human Resources Administration
MSA International Administration
MSA Leadership
MSA Logistics and Acquisitions 
MSA Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations
MSA Project Management
MSA Public Administration
MSA Recreation and Park Administration (online program)
MSA Research Administration
MSA Training and Development

Graduate Certificates (MSA)

Administrative Essentials*

Digital Management
Emergency Management and Homeland Security*

Engineering Management*

General Administration *

Health Services Administration*

Human Resources Administration*

International Administration*


Logistics and Acquisitions*
Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations*

Project Management*

Public Administration*

Recreation and Park Administration*

Research Administration*

Training and Development*


College of the Arts and Media

  • School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
MA Broadcast and Cinematic Arts: Electronic Media Management
MA Broadcast and Cinematic Arts: Electronic Media Production
MA Broadcast and Cinematic Arts: Electronic Media Studies
MA Broadcast and Cinematic Arts: Film Theory & Criticism


  • Department of Communication and Dramatic Arts
MA Communication


  • School of Music
MM Composition
MM Conducting
MM Music Education
MM Performance


College of Business Administration

MBA Business Administration* (some areas offered online)
  Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Systems*


  • Department of Entrepreneurship
MEV Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures*


  • Department of Business Information Systems
MS Information Systems*
  Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity* (online only)


  • Department of Economics
MA Economics

College of Education and Human Services

  • Interdisciplinary and Interdepartmental Programs

These three programs are offered online:

MA Education: Community College*
MA Education: Curriculum and Instruction*
MA Education: Training and Development*


  • Department of Counseling and Special Education
MA Counseling: School Counseling*
MA Counseling: Clinical Mental Health Counseling*
MA Counseling: Addiction Counseling*
MA Special Education: The Master Teacher*


  • Department of Educational Leadership
MA Educational Leadership*
MA Higher Education Administration
EdS General Educational Administration*
EdD Educational Leadership* (online program)
  Graduate Certificate in College Teaching*


  • Department of Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising


 Apparel Product Development & Merchandising Technology*


  • Department of Teacher Education & Professional Development
MA Learning, Design, and Technology*
MA Reading and Literacy K-12*
DET Educational Technology*
  Graduate Certificate in Learning, Design, and Technology


The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions

  • Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
MA Speech-Language Pathology
AuD Audiology
   Graduate Certificate in Structured Language and Literacy Intervention


  • School of Health Sciences
MS Exercise Physiology
MHA Health Administration*
MPH Public Health: Public Health Practice Concentration*
DHA Health Administration* (online program)
  Graduate Certificate in Health Systems Leadership*
  Graduate Certificate in International Health*


  • Department of Physical Education & Sport
MA Sport Administration


  • Department of Physical Therapy
DPT Physical Therapy


  • School of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences
MSAT Athletic Training
MS Nutrition and Dietetics
MS Physician Assistant


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

  • Department of English Language and Literature
MA English Language & Literature: Creative Writing


  • Department of History
MA History
MA History - Joint
  Graduate Certificate in European History
  Graduate Certificate in Modern History
  Graduate Certificate in United States History


  • Department of Political Science and Public Administration
MPA Public Administration*
MPA Public Administration: Nonprofit Management*
MPA Public Administration: State & Local Government*
  Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership
  Graduate Certificate in Citizen Engagement


  • Department of Psychology
MS Experimental Psychology
MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology
SPsyS Psychological Services
PhD Clinical Psychology
PhD Applied Experimental Psychology
PhD Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PhD School Psychology


College of Medicine

MD Medicine


College of Science and Engineering

  • Interdisciplinary and Interdepartmental Programs

MS Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
PhD Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
PhD Earth and Ecosystem Science
 MS Neuroscience
 PhD Neuroscience
PhD Science of Advanced Materials
  Graduate Certificate in Data Mining


  • Department of Biology
MS Biology
MS Biology - Conservation


  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
MS Chemistry
MA Teaching Chemistry: College


  • Department of Computer Science
MS Computer Science


  • School of Engineering and Technology
MS Engineering


  • Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
MS Geographic Information Science


  • Department of Mathematics
MA Mathematics
PhD Mathematical Sciences


  • Department of Physics
MS Physics
 PhD Physics


  • Department of Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences


Applied Statistics and Analytics 

PhD Statistics and Analytics


Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science

See Academic Overview for a list of accelerated degree programs.

*Some programs are offered are offered online or at Global Campus locations.