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Financial Debt and Involuntary Withdrawal

Any amount owed to the university should be paid when due. A late charge of $30.00 per month will be assessed to past due accounts if the balance is $60.00 or larger. The maximum late charges assessed to each initial monthly transaction is $180.00 or up to one half of the balance remaining outstanding, whichever is less. Any student who withdraws from the university or who has a financial debt is responsible for paying any outstanding financial obligations and will have a hold placed on all transcripts and future registrations if the balance remains unpaid. Graduating students with unpaid financial obligations may also have a hold placed on their diplomas.

Please be advised that CMU reserves the right to suspend campus ID privileges at any time due to a past due balance greater than $100 including, but not limited to, meal plan, computer lab, library, bookstore, and flex privileges. Any delinquencies from the University Apartments may result in the initiation of eviction procedures. In addition, students with delinquent accounts may have a prepayment hold placed on their account, requiring payment in full at the time of registration for all future semesters.

In mitigating circumstances, students with unpaid financial obligations may be involuntarily withdrawn from classes by CMU Administration.