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Computer Science (CPS, ITC)

For information, please contact the chairperson, 989-774-3774, 413 Pearce Hall;

Why Study Computer Science or Information Technology?

The study of computer science can lead to such careers as applications programmer, systems programmer/analyst, computer communications specialist, database manager, and consultant. The field serves those students desiring general instruction in computer science, those interested in teaching the subject, and those who want to undertake advanced study of computer science at the graduate level. Information technology graduates will find a variety of career opportunities, including network administration, database administration, web master, application system designer, multimedia specialist, and customer service technologist.

Computer Science at CMU

The Department of Computer Science offers a major and a minor in computer science, a major and minor in information technology, and an M.S. program in computer science.

Students desiring a computer science course for general education purposes should consider CPS 180. The first course for CPS majors and minors is CPS 180. The first course for ITC majors and minors is CPS 110 or CPS 180.

The Department of Computer Science is concerned that students interested in computer science enroll in the courses that best meet their needs or interests. Students should come to the department office to be assigned an advisor.

The Faculty

Jesse Eickholt, Lisa Gandy, Patrick Kinnicutt, Qi Liao, S.N.J. Murthy, Alex Redei, Patrick Seeling, Dakun Shen, Ahmet Ugur

The Programs

Computer Science Major

Computer Science Minor

Information Technology Major

Information Technology Minor

Multimedia Design Minor (Interdisciplinary)