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Teaching Grades 3-6 Major with Special Education Major, B.S.Ed. (Standard Certificate, B-6)

B.S.Ed. (B-6)

Major Map

A minimum of a 2.8 GPA must be earned in all teaching majors.

The purpose of the Teaching Grades 3-6 major paired with a special education major is to prepare educators to address the needs of the whole-child; use relevant, research-based criteria to establish a supportive, engaging environment that fosters, learning; and use practices that meets the needs of all learners including students with disabilities. This Learner-Centered major prepares the educator in areas  of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies to teach students  in grades 3-6 in a self-contained classroom or departmentalized setting.

The Teaching Grades 3-6 major, paired with Special Education Major: Teachers of Students with Cognitive Impairment or the Special Education Major: Teachers of Students with Emotional Impairment, will prepare candidates to be certified in grades 3-6 and special education K-12.

The Teaching Grades 3-6 major is housed in the Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development. The special education Cognitive Impairment and Emotional Impairment majors are housed in the Department of Counseling and Special Education. The Teaching Grades 3-6 major combines courses in the departments of Teacher Education and Professional Development, Sciences, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Special Education. A minimum 2.8 must be earned in this major. For information on the special education majors, refer to the Department of Counseling and Special Education.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  1. A minimum cumulative average of a 2.8 must be earned in the Teaching Grades 3-6 Major
  2. Complete EDU 107 with a B or higher.
  3. A minimum cumulative average of a 2.8 is required to complete the student teaching clinical experience.
  4. Students must adhere to the Teacher Candidate Dispositions set by the Education Preparation Program.

Classes that require a C+ or higher on the major: EDU 330, EDU 380WI, EDU 381WI, ENG 316.

Note: 12 credit hours double count on the University Program.




Program Requirements

Required Courses (56 hours)

BIO 165Life Science for Elementary Teachers


EDU 330Foundations of Reading Instruction


EDU 380WIInterdisciplinary Methods and Pre-Student Teaching (Math & Literacy, PK-


EDU 381WIInterdisciplinary Methods and Pre-Student Teaching 6(Spec)


EDU 533Diagnosis and Treatment of Reading Difficulties


ENG 316Teaching Writing and Grammar, Grades 3-6


ENG 381WIChildren's Literature


GEO 350United States and Canada


HST 210WIUnited States History through Michigan Eyes


MTH 150The Teaching of Counting and Whole Numbers


MTH 250The Teaching of Fractions, Decimals, and Proportional Reasoning


MTH 350The Teaching of Patterns, Shapes, Measurement and Data


PHS 151QRIntroductory Physical Science I


PSC 105Introduction to American Government and Politics


SCI 285Earth Systems Science for Elementary Teachers


SCI 385Science and Engineering Practices for Teaching PK-6


SPE 311Foundations in Educational Assessment


Total: 56 semester hours