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Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration (MKT, HSA, HOA)

For information, please contact the chairperson, 989-774-3701, 100 Smith Hall;

Why Study Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration?

The study of marketing prepares you for a diverse number of career areas including marketing manager, marketing researcher, sales executive, retail manager, promotion manager, advertising executive or logistics manager. The field offers study of global and domestic markets and the customers who impact those markets.

The largest industry, and one of the world’s fastest growing, is travel and tourism. The hospitality services administration program prepares students for business management careers in the many segments of this industry, such as lodging, food service, and travel/tourism.

Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration at CMU

The objective of the department is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the quality education needed for success in professional and management positions. The department also offers required or elective courses for students specializing in other major areas who desire some related background in marketing or hospitality services. Students are prepared for business careers through coursework, internships, and student organizations. Behavioral and communication skills development, problem solving and analytical abilities, knowledge of organizational planning, directing, controlling, and advances in business trends such as electronic commerce, are emphasized.

The undergraduate marketing program is designed to prepare the student to manage the marketing process within the firm and in the social, political, and economic environment. Opportunity is provided to obtain knowledge of specialized fields through career preparation for positions in areas such as advertising and promotion, marketing management, marketing research, logistics, retailing and distribution, sales and sales management, and other positions leading to careers in management.

The multifaceted hospitality industry includes lodging, food services, and tourist-related businesses. The HSA program goal is to provide undergraduate students with a sound business background and a specific orientation toward the management of lodging operations, restaurants, clubs, and tourism. Coursework includes accounting, finance, management, marketing, and facility operations as they relate to the hospitality industries. Students also gain practical experience via required internships in marketing and hospitality.

The Faculty

Concha Allen, Hayem Alnakhli, Rebecca Dingus, Richard Divine, Michael Garver, Sean Goffnett, Deborah Gray, Jeffrey Hoyle, Nizar Hussein, Frederick Lawrence, Obinna Obilo, Yae Roh, Evelyn Smith, Mark Spieles, Samuel Spralls III, James Taelman, Crina Tarasi, J. Holton Wilson, Matthew Wilson, Leah Wolf.

The Programs

Hospitality Services Administration Major: Hospitality Services Concentration

Logistics Management Major

Marketing Major

Marketing Major: Professional Sales Concentration

Purchasing and Supply Management Major (Interdepartmental)

Hospitality Services Administration Minor

Marketing Minor

Professional Sales Minor

Advertising Minor (Interdepartmental)

Electronic Media Sales Minor (Interdepartmental) - This program is on hiatus as of 1/1/22 - contact the department for more information.