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Updates and Corrections to the 21-22 Graduate Studies Bulletin

Check back for updates to this page: Last updated: 12/15/21

The Editor regrets any inconvenience to students, faculty, and staff caused by errors to the paper bulletin. If you have any concerns, please call 989-774-1590 or

  • Page19 - Resident Tuition  - 2nd paragraph updated. Printed bulletin is correct.
  • Page 101 - The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching is currently on hiatus and not accepting admissions at this time.
  • Pages 169 and 173 - The MSA concentration and certificate for Recreation and Park Administration are on hiatus and not accepting admissions at this time.
  • Transcript fee has been updated.
  • Page 21 - Graduate Rate of Pursuit for 15-16 week courses was updated.
  • Page 154 - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Statistics and Analytics - section on Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards was clarified regarding admission deadlines.
  • Page 138 - MPA: Nonprofit Management Concentration - Under Required Courses IV, PAD 621 has changed to PAD 521.
  • Page 167 and Page 173 - MSA: Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations Concentration and the MSA Certificate in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations should list PAD 521, not PAD 621. The course number was changed.
  • The general admission web address has been updated to
  • The joint Ph.D. in History is on hiatus and not accepting admissions. Contact the Department of History for more information.
  • Master of Science in Administration - Some edits were made to the Admission, Retention and Termination section of the degree at the request of the department.
  • The following courses have been deleted via curricular process for Fall 2021: ANT/SOC 506, ANT/CRM 521, ANT/SOC 532, SOC 501, SOC 502, SOC 512, SOC 590. 
  • ANT/SOC 506 was removed from the MSA in International Administration, the graduate certificate in International Administration, and the graduate certificate in International Health per the curricular deletion above.
  • GEL 502 - Prerequisite should say CHM 132, not BIO 132.
  • Prerequisites listed with FNS designator in courses were updated to NDS because of designator change to all NDS courses. This only affects NDS courses on the graduate level.
  • GEO 505 - The correct title is "Mapping and Surveying Technology: CAD, GPS, and UAS"

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information about CMU’s academic programs available in the 2021-22 academic year and information concerning admissions, academic regulations and requirements, services available to students, and CMU staff and faculty. Students are responsible for ensuring that all requirements for graduation have been met. It is expected that students will regularly discuss their plans of study with academic advisors.

Central Michigan University reserves the right to modify curricula, rules, policies, fees, program requirements, and courses offered and other information contained in this Bulletin at any time, without notice. The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute a contract, express or implied.