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Biological Station on Beaver Island

Central Michigan University Biological Station (CMUBS) is located on Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan about 32 miles northwest of Charlevoix. These facilities, nestled among 48 acres of pristine habitat, are located on the eastern shore of Beaver Island, and are about six miles south of the island’s only village, St. James. CMUBS offers a diversity of academic courses during the spring and summer months and provides research facilities throughout the year. A spacious Academic Center with state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, computer laboratory, library, and full-mediated lecture room is available and equipped to accommodate courses that rely on both laboratory and field experiences. A bookstore, natural history museum and research buildings are also provided as classroom support. Additionally, CMU owns 310 acres elsewhere on the island that serve a variety of field courses offered at the station by providing highly diverse sites for field trips, research and other activities. CMU also owns the completely renovated former Coast Guard boathouse, located on Whiskey Point in St. James at the north end of the island, which houses research vessels and a state-of-the-art experimental mesocosm facility.

Students reside in either dormitories or rustic cabins in the modern CMU campground, eat in the cafeteria and relax and study in the spacious Matt and Ellie Hohn main lodge. Its location among a variety of natural habitats makes CMUBS an ideal location for a biological station. For more information, contact or see