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Withdrawals from all Classes (Complete Semester Withdrawals)

Student Initiated Withdrawals

Students may withdraw from all courses through the 10th week of classes using the complete withdrawal functionality in Course Search and Registration on CentralLink. Students enrolled in short term courses, on-line courses, or have already withdrawn from a single course will be referred to the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

A student will automatically receive W’s as an indicator of withdrawal through the tenth week of the Fall and Spring semesters or through the midpoint of all courses shorter than one semester. The instructor will be notified of the course withdrawal. In cases of academic dishonesty, the instructor will notify the Registrar’s Office to reinstate the course and the instructor will submit the final grade. Summer complete semester withdrawals must be initiated with the assistance of the Registrar’s Office.

Students withdrawing from the university between the 10th week and the Friday of the 14th week of the semester must contact the Registrar’s office. W’s will be assigned for passing work of D- or better and E’s for failing work. During this period, students enrolled in a CR/NC only course will receive W’s for passing work of C or better and a grade of E (which is converted to NC) for failing work. The Registrar’s Office will contact each instructor to verify whether or not the student is earning a passing grade.

No student may withdraw from all classes during the week preceding final examination week.

A student following the above procedures may receive certain refunds, if eligible, in accordance with university regulations.

A student leaving the university without officially withdrawing will not be eligible for refunds and will not be eligible for a W grade.

Involuntary Withdrawal

Students who are dismissed for administrative or disciplinary reasons or students who owe past due amounts may be subject to involuntary withdrawal from classes and will receive a “W” for each class as an indicator of withdrawal. In addition, students living in residence halls with a past due balance may have their meals and long distance telephone privileges discontinued until their accounts are brought to a current status. Any delinquencies in the Family Housing Apartments may result in the initiation of eviction proceedings.

University staff will counsel students who:

  1. engage or threaten to engage in behavior that poses a danger of causing physical harm to self or others, or
  2. engage or threaten to engage in behavior that would cause significant property damage, or directly and substantially impede the lawful activities of others.

In situations a. and b. above, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee may refer a student to the Behavior Evaluation Team to assist the student in functioning effectively within the university environment. Referral to the Behavioral Evaluation Team does not preclude removal from the university, or university housing, in accordance with provisions of the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures and/or the Housing Agreement. A student referred to the Behavioral Evaluation Team shall be notified in writing, and shall be provided written information on the procedures to follow.

Withdrawal To Enter Military Service

A graduate or undergraduate student who is drafted or recalled to military service after previous active duty may be entitled to receive (a) credit for the semester, (b) refund of fees, or (c) partial credit and partial refund, according to the following conditions:

  1. The student who is unable to complete the first half of a session shall be entitled to a full refund of fees.
  2. The student who has completed the first half or more of a given session may receive credit or partial credit and proportional refund of fees.

The student shall apply at the Registrar’s Office for confirmation of his or her eligibility to receive credit. The Registrar shall advise the student concerning withdrawal, refund, or credit procedures.

If the Registrar confirms eligibility for credit, the student may present the confirmation to the appropriate academic dean. The academic dean, the chairperson of the department in which the student is enrolled, and the instructor of the class shall determine the amount of credit which has been earned. The academic dean reports the amount which has been earned, in writing, to the Registrar and the instructor shall submit the appropriate grade at the end of the semester.

Students who enlist or volunteer for military service during the session must withdraw from the university according to regular withdrawal and refund procedures.