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Missed Class Policy

Students are expected to comply with an instructor’s established attendance policy, and they should avoid classes where there would be significant absences. In the case of an absence due to required attendance at a university-sponsored event such as a department trip, performing arts activity, ROTC function, or athletic competition, reasonable attempts should be made by faculty members to allow the student to make up missed work. Students are responsible for completing the work assigned or due on the days they are absent for these events. Both the sponsoring unit and the student should inform the faculty member as soon as possible in the semester so arrangements can be made for completing missed assignments or tests. The student is required to provide each instructor with an official notification in advance of the absence (e.g., a letter from the department chair or the coach). Optimally, this would be done by the third week of the semester, at the latest, so that the necessary arrangements for missed work can be made well in advance.