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Graduate Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) Policy

Courses in which graduate student performance is evaluated CR/NC, rather than by a letter grade on the A through E scale, carry the designation “CR/NC only” in the departmental course descriptions. CR indicates that the student has performed at a level equivalent to or above the grade point average for graduation (B grade) and shall receive credit in the course. NC indicates that the student has performed at a level lower than a B and shall not receive credit. In either case, the title and other course identification and the symbol CR or NC shall be entered on the student's transcript. CR and NC are not equated with qualitative letter grades, however, and are not included in computation of the student's grade point average. Optional registration for Credit/No Credit in other graduate courses is not available to graduate students.

Optional registration for Credit/No Credit is available to graduate students who register in a course below the 500 level for undergraduate credit. Courses taken under this provision may not be applied to graduate certificate or degree requirements. Such optional registration for undergraduate credit is not available to students removing deficiencies specified in their Conditional Admission. The courses for which graduate students may register for undergraduate credit on a CR/NC option basis must be designated in the Class Schedule/Course Offerings and Search by the department as available on a CR/NC option basis. Procedures for registration, grading, and recording are explained in the CMU undergraduate Bulletin under Undergraduate Credit/No Credit Policy and Undergraduate Repeat Course Policy.