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School of Music

College of the Arts and Media 

Dr. Eric Hoy Tucker, Director

162 Music, 989-774-3281

James Batcheller, D.A., Band

Jay C. Batzner, D.M.A., Electro-Acoustic Music

Bruce Bonnell, D.M.A., Horn

Chris Chapman, D.M.A., Director of Bands
Keith Clifton, Ph.D., Musicology

Mark Cox, D.M.A., Tuba and Euphonium

Amon Eady, Ph.D., Director of Choral Activities
James Fiste, D.M.A., Violoncello

Alan Gumm, Ph.D., Music Education

Scott Harding, Ph.D., Theory

Robert Lindahl, D.M.A., Trombone
Alexandra Mascolo-David, D.M.A., Piano

José Maúrtua, D.M.A., Theory, Composition, and Orchestral Conducting

Mary Beth Minnis, M.M., Bassoon, Assistant Director

John Nichol, M.M., Saxophone
Scott Schumann, Ph.D., Theory

Rob Smith, M.M., Jazz Studies
Andrew Spencer, D.M.A., Percussion
Fangye Sun, D.M.A., Violin

Eric Hoy Tucker, D.M.A., Voice
Alicia Valoti, D.M.A., Viola
 Tracy Watson, M.M., Voice

Joanna Cowan White, D.M.A., Flute

Kennen White, D.M.A., Clarinet

Adrienne Wiley, D.M.A., Piano Pedagogy


The School of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Thirty-six full-time and nine part-time faculty teach all specializations in the field of music. The faculty’s reputation as outstanding performers, conductors, composers, and— most importantly—educators, is known throughout the nation. Students in the school immediately sense an unyielding commitment on the part of each faculty member to outstanding musical education.

Course Designator:

MUS - Music

The Programs:

Master of Music (M.M.) with concentrations in Composition, Conducting, Music Education, and Performance.

Applied Music (Private Instruction)

Students may earn credit for private instruction in the various areas of applied music as follows:

Curriculum In Each Area Hours Credit Applicable Toward Graduation Maximum Hours
Master of Music 1-8 8

There is a special fee of $40.00 for one-credit-hour lessons and $75.00 for two- and four-credit-hour lessons. This fee is in addition to the regular tuition fees.