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MSA Graduate Certificates

The 15-18 credit MSA Graduate Certificate program is designed for regularly admitted graduate students who desire advanced training in the field of administration. Credits successfully earned with the certificate program may be used toward the MSA degree, if the concentration is the same. A maximum of six (6) semester hours from a previous or concurrent graduate degrees or certificate can be transferred towards a graduate certificate. Students may substitute courses only with the approval of the MSA Director. Students may use up to 6 transfer credits providing they meet the criteria for transfer credit outlined in this bulletin. Coursework and other requirements must be completed within seven years prior to the awarding of a graduate certificate. Prior learning credit may not be used on the certificate program.

Note: Students may not use more than 12 credits of College of Business courses. Required courses: 5-6 courses from the appropriate concentration.

The following MSA Graduate Certificates are offered:

Note: Not all certificates are available at the main campus location.