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Department of Journalism

College of the Arts and Media

William Dailey, Chair

454 Moore Hall, 989-774-3196

Sean Baker, Ph.D., Visual/Digital Communication, Research

Lori F. Brost, Ph.D., Press and Society, New Media, Electronic Media, Pop Culture, Research

Elina Erzikova, Ph.D., Public Relations, Research

Carol McGinnis, M.A., Advertising, Multimedia, Press and Society, Research

Kent Miller, M.A., Photojournalism

Richard Ren, Ph.D., Integrative Public Relations, Research

Alice A. Tait, Ph.D., AHANA (African American, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans)/Women and Mass Media, Mass Communication Theory and Research, Interpersonal and Public Communication

James Wojcik, M.A., Public Relations

Jiafei Yin, Ph.D., News Editorial, Media History and International Communications, Research

Course Designator:

JRN - Journalism

Graduate-level courses offered by the Department of Journalism may be appropriate as electives on various graduate degree curricula.