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Admission with Baccalaureate from Schools without Recognized Standing

 An applicant who holds a baccalaureate or equivalent degree from an institution which does not have recognized academic standing may be granted admission to a degree program on the recommendation of the chairperson of the academic department concerned and the concurrence of the Director of Graduate Studies or, optionally, non-degree admission at the discretion of the Director. Such an admissions decision will be based on a careful evaluation of the applicant's qualifications, acceptable evidence of the institution's competence in the student's principal areas of preparation, and other relevant factors. If granted admission, the student may be required to complete a number of hours of graduate or upper-level undergraduate qualifying coursework at CMU in the proposed field of study with a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher in order to remain in their program. An applicant admitted with such a stipulation is advised to consult the chairperson of the department in which the applicant wishes to study for help in selecting appropriate qualifying courses. No department, however, is obligated to accept the applicant upon the completion of qualifying coursework if, in its judgment, the applicant is still not appropriately prepared for degree or certificate work. Qualifying coursework clearly stipulated as preparatory to normal degree or certificate requirements may not thereafter be counted toward any graduate degree or certificate program.  

(Approved by the Academic Senate, September 10, 2019)