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Accounting (ACC)

For information, please contact the chairperson, 989-774-3796, 312 Grawn Hall;

Why Study Accounting?

Accounting is the one degree that provides you with the education needed to succeed in every aspect of the business world. It is one of the courses to study at the university that enables a student to enter a profession upon graduation. It also prepares students to obtain their certification in public accounting (CPA), management accounting (CMA) and internal auditing (CIA) upon graduation.

Because accounting is the international language of business, it is a versatile degree that offers a wide range of career opportunities to graduates. Accountants have titles like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Partner, and Controller. They work for national and international business firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations and in their own companies. Many work in certified public accounting (CPA) firms providing management consulting services, auditing services, personal and financial planning and tax services. Others are hired as part of the management team to work in the finance and operations area of a company. Some are hired to manage the revenues of federal, state, and local governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.

Accounting at CMU

The primary purpose of the School of Accounting is to prepare students for professional careers in public accounting, corporate accounting, nonprofit entities, and other organizations. The mission of the School of Accounting is to attract quality individuals and to prepare them for successful professional accounting and business careers by providing them innovative, high quality, business-connected accounting programs. We are dedicated to delivering superior value to students: a small college focus on learning, coupled with a professional school experience, at a public university tuition.

The School of Accounting is one of only five programs in Michigan that have earned the prestigious accounting accreditation granted by the AACSB International.

The Faculty

Judy L. DeWitt, Steven A. Harrast, Gary Hayes, Philip Hong, William C. Hood, Philip L. Kintzele, Vernon E. Kwiatkowski, Kuan-Chen Lin, Debra A. McGilsky, Lori M. Olsen, Yan Sun, Amy Swaney, Thomas R. Weirich, Edward C. Woelfert


Accounting Major

Accounting Minor