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Second Year (Sophomore) (26-55 credit hours)

  • Continue your search for a major and/or minor.
  • If you have decided on your major and/or minor, consult with the appropriate departmental advisor(s) to declare the major/minor and define requirements for graduation.
  • Continue coursework on the University Program, competencies, and major/minor. Most competency requirements must be completed by 56 credit hours. Review your progress on completion of the University Program and competency requirements with your general academic advisor. Search for a study abroad or an internship opportunity by contacting CMU’s Office of Global Engagement (Ronan Hall 330, 989-774-4308) or an internship coordinator in the Career Development Center (Ronan Hall 250, 989-774-3068). Your academic department of choice may also have advice for you.


  • Follow the procedures for admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.


  • Complete the requirements for admission to the College of Business Administration outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin.
  • Meet with a CBA advisor in Grawn Hall 105, 989-774-3124;

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics: