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Statement of Student Financial Aid

Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Students have the right to be informed of and to apply for all financial aid programs for which they are eligible and the responsibility to apply by program deadlines and to acquaint themselves with the application procedure.
  2. Students have the right to know how financial need and award packages are determined and to request a review of the financial aid package should circumstances change to negatively affect the family’s ability to meet costs of attendance, and the responsibility to notify the university should new resources become available to the student that were not originally considered.
  3. Students who borrow have a right to full disclosure of the terms and provisions of loan programs, including typical repayment schedules and the responsibility to participate in an online exit interview before leaving the university. They must repay loans on a timely basis and keep the university informed of their current address.
  4. Students have the right to be informed of financial aid policies and have the responsibility to be aware of and comply with all published financial aid policies and to comply with these policies.
  5. Students have the responsibility to submit accurate information on all university documents relating to the financial aid application process.