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Refunds are issued weekly when a credit balance exists on a university account. All potential refunds are applied to university obligations before a refund is issued to an individual. Refunds of less than $1.00 will not be issued unless the student requests it from the Student Account Services and University Billing Office, but will be carried forward to offset future university charges.

Refunds are issued either by direct deposit to a personal U.S. bank account of the student’s choice or to a Bank Mobile Card. Students must make a selection for their preferred method on CentralLink under Finances, Refund Payment Option.

Vehicle Registration Refunds

Students not returning for the Spring Semester will be entitled to a fifty percent motor vehicle registration refund. Applications must be made prior to the end of the first week of classes of the second semester. Students withdrawing within two weeks of the first day of classes are entitled to a full refund of the motor vehicle registration fee for that semester. Applications for refunds should be made to the University Police and accompanied by identifiable portions of the parking decals.

New Student Orientation Fee Refunds

The $175.00 New Student Orientation Fee is refundable by submitting a written request to the Admissions Office for students who cancel their admission prior to the established deadline dates as indicated in admission correspondence for the specific semester or session, and who have not attended an orientation session. Note: Global Campus students are not charged for completing online orientation.

Cancellation of Housing Agreement

The residence hall agreement is for the entire academic year, or remainder of the year, provided the student is enrolled at the university. The residency and financial conditions of the agreement shall not be terminated to move to a private home, fraternity or sorority house, or other housing or to commute during the period covered by the agreement. Students who break the residence hall agreement without approval from Residence Life officials will owe full room and board charges for the entire academic year.

Students who are approved for release from the residence hall agreement for any reason are subject to the following schedule of cancellation charges:

New Applicants Only:

  • Cancellation of this agreement after May 1 but by August 1 will result in a $300 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation of this agreement after August 1, but prior to the first day the halls open in the fall shall result in a $500 cancellation fee.

Returning Students Only (Prior to the halls opening):

  • Students signing an agreement have a 30-day cancellation period without penalty. Students who sign an agreement can cancel without penalty, but ONLY IF they provide a thirty-day written notice of said cancellation, from the day they apply, and the expiration of the thirty-day notice period occurs prior to May 1.
  • Students cancelling after the 30-day cancellation period and by August 1 (December 1 for spring semester) will be charged a $300 cancellation fee.
  • Students cancelling after August 1 (December 1 for spring semester) but before the first day the halls open will be charged a $500 cancellation fee.

All Students (during the Academic Year):

  • Cancellation of this agreement from the first day halls open in the fall but prior to November 1 shall result in up to a $900 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation of this agreement after November 1, but prior to the end of the fall semester shall result in up to a $600 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation of this agreement from the end of the fall semester but before April 1 shall result in a $300 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation of this agreement after April 1 shall result in a $100 cancellation fee.

All Cancellation Requests must be in writing.

Other charges and damages may apply under the provision of the agreement such as damage to room. If a student is not approved for release from their residence hall agreement and they choose to move anyway, they are still financially responsible for the entire contract.

Apartments. Residents are charged for actual days up to the termination of their Housing Agreement. Family housing residents may terminate by giving the University Apartments Office 45 days written advance notice. Single student resident contracts are for the entire academic year.

Refunds for Student-Initiated Complete Withdrawals from All Classes

Students withdrawing from the university must complete a withdrawal online through CentralLink to initiate the refund process. Further information regarding the complete withdrawal policy appears in the section on Academic Policies and Procedures. Students who have credit balances in excess of $1.00 on their student accounts after all university obligations have been met will receive a refund unless the student received financial aid.

Refunds upon Withdrawal for Students Receiving Financial Aid

Financial aid received by students awarded financial assistance through the Central Michigan University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is applied to student accounts to pay for university charges. Credits for the unused portion of tuition, special course fees, housing and other university charges resulting from a student’s withdrawal from the university are used to repay the financial aid sources in full prior to refunding the student. Withdrawing students who have received refunds for financial aid to cover non-institutional, educational costs may be required to repay financial aid sources.

Refunds for students who receive Title IV financial aid are allocated to the financial aid source in the following order:

  • to outstanding balances on Federal Direct Loans (Unsubsidized and Subsidized)
  • to outstanding balance on Federal Plus Loans
  • to Federal Pell Grant awards
  • to Federal SEOG awards
  • to TEACH Grant awards
  • to other Title IV student assistance
  • to other federal, state, private or institutional student assistance
  • to the student.

Drop and Add Refunds

The Student Account Services and University Billing Office will automatically process refunds/charges as a result of a change in class registration. Any credit resulting from a change in class registration will be applied to any outstanding university obligations before a refund is issued. No refunds are made after the registration period closes unless the student is completely withdrawing from the university or the class is dropped on CentralLink prior to its second scheduled meeting time.

Tuition Refunds

A percentage of the tuition listed below plus the corresponding percentage of all fees will be refunded to a student who withdraws from the university.

Percentage of Tuition and Fee Refund for Fall/Spring

Length of Session Calendar Days Beginning with First Day of Class
16 Weeks Days Refund 1-10
10 Weeks Days Refund 1-5
8 Weeks Days Refund 1-4
5 Weeks Days Refund 1-3