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Undergraduate Repeat Course Policy

Undergraduate students may repeat a course, but the following conditions apply:

  1. A student may repeat a course in which they have earned a grade of A though E. All grades will appear on the transcript, but only the last grade received will be utilized in computing cumulative hours and GPA.
  2. A student may not repeat a course on the CR/NC grading option. A course with an earned letter grade may not be repeated on the CR/NC grading option.
  3. If the designator or the course number has changed since the student’s previous attempt, the student is encouraged to complete a Repeat Course Request card with the Registrar’s Office by the deadline date. This will ensure that the repeat will be noted and will be included in the current semester calculations.
  4. A student repeating a CMU course at another college/university must earn a higher grade than their original attempt for the course to transfer. Honor points will not transfer but the previous CMU honors points will be removed in computing the average.
  5. A course taken after a student graduates will not change the previously attempted grade or credit hours.
  6. A student is limited to 3 attempts of a course. This includes repeats where they have earned a grade of A through E, or attempts where they were awarded grades of CR, NC, I, W, Z, or X.

a. This limitation does not apply to independent study and similar courses for which course content varies significantly with each offering. (Often these are courses with variable credit hours.).

b. For exceptions to this limitation policy, a student may appeal to the Chairperson of the department offering the course.