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Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus.Ed.)

Completion of this degree will qualify a student for recommendation to the Michigan State Board of Education for a Secondary Standard Certificate, which will permit the holder to teach music in grades K-12. All students pursuing this degree should see the section on Admission to Teacher Education Programs.

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements (30-42 hours)

See General Education Requirements.

Other Degree Requirements (0-10 hours)

Courses selected outside the major or minor.

Professional Education Requirements (28 hours)

EDU 107Introduction to Teaching


EDU 310Educational Psychology for Secondary Teachers


EDU 432Student Teaching Seminar


EDU 450Disciplinary Literacy


EDU 458Student Teaching


EDU 495Foundations of Education


SPE 504Teaching Students in Inclusive Settings


Specialized Studies (70 hours)

In order to complete this degree a student must major in Music Education with either the Instrumental, Choral, or General Music option. Both the major and the minor must be in the same option.


Music Education Major: Choral Option

Music Education Major: Instrumental Option

Music Education Major: General Music Option


Music: Choral Minor

Music: Instrumental Minor

Music: General Music Minor

Note: A minimum 2.7 GPA (B-) must be earned in all teaching majors and minors.

Minimum Total for Graduation: 134 hours

  • To graduate from CMU you must complete a minimum of 120 hours, at least 40 of which must be in courses numbered 300 or above. Please note: the combination of some majors and minors may require more than 120 hours for graduation.
  • You must earn a minimum overall grade point average of 2.70 in order to graduate with the Bachelor of Music Education degree.
  • Not all major/minor combinations are allowed. Please consult with a university advisor to confirm your choice.
  • No more than a total of 27 hours may be taken from the College of Business Administration and counted towards graduation.
  • You should read the Requirements for Graduation in this Bulletin for a complete description.