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Integrated Science Minor, B.S. in Ed., Elementary Standard Certificate

This minor offers a balanced, interdisciplinary program of coursework in the life, physical, and earth and space sciences for students planning to teach elementary school. The required courses have been selected to prepare students to teach the science content in the state science teaching standards, including preparation in science inquiry through laboratory and field methods experiences. Students are encouraged to work closely with an advisor throughout their program. Courses, where appropriate, may be double counted with the University Program and the degree requirements on the Bachelor of Science in Education.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

All courses must be taken for a grade, not for credit/no credit even if offered as an option. A minimum grade of a C is required for all non-methods courses used in this minor. Any course with a C- or lower will be included in the calculation of the minor GPA until it is retaken and a grade of a C or better is earned. Grades in courses transferred to CMU will count in the calculation of the minor GPA. A minimum 2.7 GPA (B-) must be earned in the minor.

The astronomy, chemistry, geology, and physical science courses in the minor will replace the science courses in these disciplines required on the Bachelor of Science in Education degree.

In addition to the courses listed below, each student must receive training in safe chemical use and storage and the care of living things from trained personnel prior to applying for student teaching. Students should check the integrated science Blackboard shell for the training workshop schedule. There is no enrollment charge to the students for the training and no credit hours are earned. The training is offered fall and spring semesters. The Interdisciplinary Science Education Education Council oversees these training workshops.

This minor is administered by the Integrated Science Education Council.

Program Requirements

Required Courses I (27 hours)

AST 111Astronomy


BIO 151Human Biology


BIO 165Life Science for Elementary Teachers


BIO 229Nature Study


CHM 120Survey of Chemistry


CHM 127Introductory Chemistry Laboratory


GEL 130QREarth Processes


GEL 201Earth History


PHS 151QRIntroductory Physical Science I


Required Courses II (3-4 hours)

Select one of the following:

GEO 105Physical Geography


GEO 201Weather and Climate


Total: 30-31 semester hours