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Cultural and Global Studies Major, B.A.; B.S.

B.A. and B.S. degrees

Major Map

The Cultural and Global Studies Major is designed with three important purposes in mind. It will equip students with broad understanding of the contemporary global context and its implications for human experience and action. It will help students to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of at least one culture other than their own. It will also equip students with critical tools in analysis, criticism, and communication that they can use to assess and navigate cultural differences. The knowledge and competencies gained in this program will provide students with critical skills sought by 21st-century employers in a wide range of fields, including business, health professions, government, non-governmental organizations, and social service agencies. This program can also prepare students for graduate study in their field of interest. The specific design of the major is as follows:

Program Requirements

Required Courses I (3 hours)

Select one of the following:

ANT 170Cultural Anthropology


GEO 121Human Geography and Globalization


Required Courses II (3 hours)

CGL 496WISeminar in Cultural and Global Studies


Required Courses III (12 hours)

Study in Depth

Select 12 hours from one of the following Undergraduate Certificate Programs. Students completing the certificate will follow the curriculum for that certificate, found under the degree search tab and scrolling down to Undergraduate Certificates, or in the index of the paper bulletin). Students not completing the entire certificate must complete the required courses for that certificate in the 12 hours. They will choose additional electives in consultation with a CGS advisor.

  • African and African Diaspora Studies
  • American Indian Studies
  • Cultural Competency
  • East Asian Studies
  • European Studies
  • Human Geography
  • Latin American and Latino Studies
  • Middle East and Islamic Studies
  • Social Justice in Global Health

Note: No course counted for Required Courses III may be used to fulfill requirements listed under Required Courses IV.

Required Courses IV (10-12 hours)

Select one of the following options:

Option A (10-12 hours)

Language Study in Area of Certification

Select in consultation with a Cultural and Global Studies program advisor.

Option B (12 hours)

Select from the following:

ANT 205/SOC 205Social Justice in a Global Society


ENG 333Literatures of Non-Western Cultures


HST 201World History to 1500


HST 202World History since 1400


PSC 150Introduction to International Relations


PSC 242Introduction to Comparative Politics


REL 101World Religions: An Introduction to the Study of Religion


Note: Students may substitute appropriate courses, including a single 3-4 hour language course, with a global focus outside the area of certification in consultation with a CGL advisor.

Required Courses V (3 hours)

Global Citizenship

Complete 3 hours from one or more of the following:

Study Abroad

A study abroad experience of at least 3 credit hours:

CGL 200Short-term Study Abroad


CGL 300Study Abroad Experience


CGL 301Global Studies Experience in the U.S.


Internship or Service Learning

An internship or service learning course that furthers the learning goals of this major, chosen in consultation with and approved by a CGL advisor.

CGL 302Cultural and Global Studies Internship


Total: 31-33 semester hours