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Industrial Technology Minor, B.A.; B.A.A.; B.S.; B.S. in B.A.

This minor is also offered via Global Campus/CMU Online.

The Industrial Technology minor is available for students desiring to increase their understanding and competencies in industrial and engineering technology.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

The engineering and technology degree programs consist of extensive laboratory work that involves a close physical relationship with tools, moving machinery and electrical equipment necessitating specific safe practices. Examples include voltage checks, use of safety guards, and continuous observation of associated visual alarms, caution signs and auditory signals.

Students pursuing one of our majors or minors are required to meet with an ET advisor during the first semester of attendance at CMU.

A maximum of six semester hours of Credit/No Credit may be used on departmental majors (excluding computer, electrical and mechanical engineering) or minors. Credit/No Credit courses are identified in the Course Search & Registration. No more than 9 credit hours may be transferred in from other institutions to satisfy the requirements of the IT Minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (21 hours)

Students may select any combination of 21 semester hours from with the IET or EGR designators. Students may not apply course work from their declared major toward this minor.

Total: 21 semester hours