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Chemistry Minor, B.S. in Ed., Standard Secondary Certificate

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  1. The student must have completed at least 20 hours of his or her chemistry minor, in addition to CHM 505 (3), before approval for student teaching can be given. The student must have a minimum grade point average of 2.7 in those 23 hours of chemistry courses. Transfer chemistry credit will be accepted from regionally accredited institutions, but at least 6 hours must be CMU classes with a minimum grade point average of 2.7. At least 12 of the required chemistry credit hours must have been received within 10 years of application for student teaching.
  2. In order for a student to be approved for student teaching in chemistry, two CMU chemistry faculty must, at the student’s request, provide completed department student evaluation forms.
  3. Each student must demonstrate competency in chemistry by passing an American Chemical Society standardized chemistry examination at a specific level in order to be approved for student teaching.

Program Requirements

Chemistry Foundation I (15 hours)

CHM 131General Chemistry I


CHM 132General Chemistry II


CHM 211QRQuantitative Analysis


CHM 505/PHY 505Teaching Chemistry and Physics in Secondary Schools


Chemistry Foundation II (4-6 hours)

Select either CHM 342 or CHM 343/CHM 349:
CHM 342Survey of Organic Chemistry


CHM 343Organic Chemistry I: Foundations


CHM 349Organic Chemistry Laboratory


Chemistry Foundation III (3 hours)

Select one of the following:
CHM 421Introductory Biochemistry for Health Sciences


CHM 520Introductory Biochemistry


Total: 22-24 semester hours