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Military Service members whose enrollment is interrupted or precluded due to military service requirements will be promptly readmitted with the same academic status as he/she had when last attending and/or admitted to CMU.

  • Notification of military service. The student (or an appropriate officer of the armed forces or official of the Department of Defense) must give oral or written notice of such service to the school as far in advance as is reasonable under the circumstances.
  • Notification of intent to return to school. The student must also give oral or written notice of her intent to return to the school within three years after the completion of the period of service.

The cumulative length of the absence and of all previous absences from the school for military service may not exceed five years. Only the time the student spends actually performing service is counted.

To be readmitted to CMU, students should submit an updated application; an application fee is not charged and any official transcripts previously submitted do not need to be resubmitted. Once readmitted and prior to registering, students should work with their Academic Advisor to update their degree plan; this is to ensure they are registering for the correct courses.