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Recomputing Grade Point Average

A student who transfers from one graduate program to another may file a Recomputation of Grade Point Average Petition. If approved by the advisor and department chair, all courses completed on the original graduate program will be disallowed on the second program plan, all grades on previous course work will be disregarded, and the student will begin the new program with no cumulative grade point average. The Recomputation of Grade Point Average Petition must be filed within one calendar year of beginning the new program.

Note: All courses will still remain on the student’s transcript although the grades will not contribute to the grade point average or degree requirements.

Change of Grade

A request to change a grade may be initiated by an instructor electronically using “Web Grades” via CentralLink. The change of grade will be forwarded to the chairperson for approval and also to the dean of the college.

Requests for change of grade involving error by an instructor--such as error in recording grade, transpositional error, error in transferring grade to Final Grade List, miscalculation, computational error, error in scoring final exam, test or assignment grade not recorded, papers misplaced by instructor and found after grade was recorded, error in graduate assistant or lab assistant reporting grade to grading instructor, or instructor forgetting that a student had been promised an “I” grade--shall be processed by the Registrar’s Office without any action by a College Change of Grade Committee.

All other requests for change of grade are to be submitted by the dean to the College Change of Grade Committee. If the request is approved, the chairperson of the committee or the appropriate dean will electronically forward the change to the Registrar’s Office for processing.