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Department of Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services Administration

College of Education and Human Services

Mr. Robert Frost, Chair

214 Finch, 989-774-3858

Jill Almasi-Dole, M.A., Recreation and Event Management
Lynn Dominguez, Ph.D., Outdoor Recreation
Shay Dawson, Ph.D., Therapeutic Recreation
Robert Dvorak, Ph.D., Outdoor Recreation
Robert Frost, M.A., Therapeutic Recreation
Kyung Hee Lee, Ph.D., Recreation and Event Management
Timothy Otteman, Ph.D., Programming and Event Management

The Department offers a concentration on the Master Science in Administration program, an interdisciplinary degree.

Course Designator:

RPL - Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services Administration

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Master of Science in Administration: Recreation & Park Administration Concentration