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Entrepreneurial Ventures, M.E.V.

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 36 hours

Note: This program is only offered via Global Campus/CMU online at this time.

The Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures program prepares students to start and develop high growth ventures. Students will learn how to: organize and finance new ventures; form and motivate entrepreneurial teams; identify and protect inventions, brands and other forms of intellectual property; utilize crowdfunding and social media platforms as well as other technology tools; negotiate strategic partnerships; manage growth and risks; and harvest economic gains (e.g., by selling what they helped create).

A balanced team of practitioners and traditional faculty help students master the nuts and bolts of, and principles underlying, these transactions.

Full-time students should be able to complete the program in one year. Part-time students should be able to complete the program in two years. MEV students also take part in CMU’s annual New Venture Competition. Candidates may include recent college graduates as well as professionals who would like to give their entrepreneurial dreams a shot while mastering complex transactions that involve entrepreneurship, law, finance, and other business topics.

Upon graduation, some students will likely continue to run and grow the ventures they launched during their studies. However, other graduates may pursue roles at other emerging ventures, careers in entrepreneurial finance, or positions at traditional firms that value the transferable knowledge and skills that will be acquired.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

Candidates must meet the requirements for admission to Graduate Studies. Candidates must also submit a 1-page Summary of Entrepreneurial Goals directly to the Entrepreneurship Department. The Summary of Entrepreneurial Goals should describe why the candidate is interested in the Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures program.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (36 hours)

ENT 600Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs


ENT 605Foundations of Entrepreneurship


ENT 620New Venture Formation and Governance


ENT 625New Venture Hires, Filings and Reports


ENT 630Seed Financings and Securities Regulation


ENT 640Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs


ENT 650Crowdfunding


ENT 660Technology for Entrepreneurs


ENT 670Venture Capital


ENT 680Growth and Risks at Emerging Ventures


ENT 690Entrepreneurial Acquisitions and Exits


ENT 695Entrepreneurial Transactions Capstone


Total: 36 semester hours

Accelerated Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures

(Currently enrolled CMU Undergraduate students only)

Undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Entrepreneurship may pursue a Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures (MEV) degree during the final year of their Bachelor's degree program. The Accelerated MEV program allows students to reduce the total number of credits required to complete the combined undergraduate and MEV degrees by applying up to 50 percent of the MEV program requirements towards both degrees. Thus, with advising and planning, it is possible for students to complete their MEV requirements the summer after receiving their undergraduate degree.

To enroll in the Accelerated MEV program, students must submit both an application for admission to the MEV program and an Accelerated Master's Degree Program: Acknowledgement & Approval Form. Students interested in the Accelerated MEV program should visit Grawn 164 (or call 989-774-3270) to discuss the process with the MEV Program Director.

Admission Criteria

Students are encouraged to apply early in their junior year. Further, in order to enroll in the Accelerated MEV program, a student must:

  1. Have completed a minimum of 86 credit hours toward a Bachelor's degree with an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.30.
  2. Have completed ENT 495 - Venture Development (or enroll to take ENT 495 in Fall of Year 4).
  3. Meet with faculty for ENT 600 and ENT 605 to devise a strategy and timetable for satisfying the credit by exam requirements.

During Year 4, students can complete up to 18 credits of MEV coursework that will count towards both their undergraduate and MEV degrees. If a student does not earn a 3.0 GPA or higher in each course that is intended to apply to the MEV degree, the student will be dematriculated from the accelerated program and the ENT courses taken in the accelerated MEV program may only be used on the student's undergraduate program. The student may subsequently apply for regular admission to the MEV program but will need to retake or replace any previously earned credits.

Below is a sample Year 4 curriculum for a student who has already completed 90 credit hours of undergraduate course work.*

Fall (15 hours):

Undergraduate courses (9 hours)

ENT 620 - New Venture Formation & Governance (3 hours)

ENT 625 - New Venture Hires, Filings & Reports (3 hours)

Spring (15 hours):

Undergraduate course(s) (3 hours)

ENT 630 - Seed Financings & Securities Regulation (3 hours)

ENT 640 - Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs (3 hours)

ENT 650 - Crowdfunding (3 hours)

ENT 660 - Technology for Entrepreneurs (3 hours)

(Undergraduate degree conferred.)

Summer (18 hours):

ENT 600 - Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs (3 hours via credit by exam)**

ENT 605 - Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 hours via credit by exam)**

ENT 670 - Venture Capital (3 hours)

ENT 680 - Growth & Risks at Emerging Ventures (3 hours)

ENT 690 - Entrepreneurial Acquisitions & Exits (3 hours)

ENT 695 - Entrepreneurial Transactions Capstone (3 hours)

(MEV degree conferred.)

* This sample Year 4 curriculum assumes a bachelor's degree requirement of 120 credits. If the undergraduate degree requires 124 credits, the sample curriculum would be for a student who has already completed 95 credit hours of undergraduate course work.

** Before enrolling in the MEV program, students must meet with faculty for ENT 600 and ENT 605 to devise a strategy and timetable for satisfying the credit by exam requirements.