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Updates and Corrections to the Print Bulletin

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Nursing Major, pages 127 and 237, have been added to the pdf version posted online and the online Bulletin. 
  • Interior Design, Page 213, the Admissions Requirements, Items 1, 2, and 4, were updated.
  • Visual Merchandising Minor - Page 212 - it should NOT say “select one of the following.”
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity - Page 194 - The introductory paragraph and the first paragraph in the Admissions section were updated.
  • Requirements for Graduation - Page 100 - Items 9 and 10 were updated.
  • Refunds - Page 49 - The second paragraph has been corrected to show the current process for receiving refunds.
  • Authorization - Page 14 - Information for Georgia and Virginia was updated.
  • FERPA - Page 90 - Item (l) was added regarding images and likenesses. Also Item 4 was changed in regard to Item (l).
  • UP Group I-A - Page 133 - FRN 325 should be listed in Group I-A, Human Events and Ideas.
  • International Baccalaureate - Page 98 - Business Management HL was added.
  • Mathematics Department - Page 302 - the designators STA and ACT should not be listed on this department’s page, and “chair” should be added after Thomas Gilsdorf name in the faculty list.
  • Course Descriptions - page 313 - ACT - Actuarial Science should list the department as Statistics, Data and Actuarial Sciences, not Mathematics.
  • ANT 388 - due to a glitch, this course was not downloaded to the paper bulletins for 17-18, 18-19, and 19-20.
  • Nursing Major - Page 237 - Note added Admissions section regarding criteria. 
  • Cinema Studies Major - In the Admissions, Retention, and Termination section, it should also list BCA 101 in the last paragraph.
  • PES 186 - is not identical to PED 186.
  • Accelerated Master's Degrees Admissions was updated by the Senate on 2/27/18 and was changed in the Graduate Bulletin, but not the Undergraduate Bulletin.
  • Computer Engineering Major - page 290 - In the Retention & Termination Standards, Item 5 regarding the FE exam has been deleted.
  • Electrical Engineering Major - page 291 - In the Retention & Termination Standards, Item 5 regarding the FE exam has been deleted.
  • ART 235 - Should say "A continuation of ART 231..."
  • GEO 591 - Sentence about being identical to ESC 591 was deleted because ESC 591 was deleted as of Fall, 2016.
  • Entrepreneurship Minor - Page 198: the sentence, “Any additional ENT course, 500 level or higher with the exception of ENT 600 and 605.” should be included under each Elective Group. 
  • Advanced Placement - Page 96 - Computer Science AB is no longer offered. Computer Science Principles for CPS credit was added.
  • Courses that are approved for WI sections (Spring 2020): BCA 350, 351; BIO 518, 570; HST 331WI
  • Course that are approved for UP (Spring 2020): BLR 328, HST 331WI
  • Courses that are approved for UP (Summer 2020): RPL 110
  • Courses that are deleted via curricular process for 19-20: BIO 559, CHM 513, HST 292, MTH 278, 522, 594.
  • FRN 350 - Spring, 2020: Title was changed to Topics in French and Francophone Film 3-6(3-0)
  • The Marjorie E. Harris Endowed Scholarship and the Rose J. Hogue Scholarship have been updated online.
  • The Earth Science Major on the B.S. in Ed. is on hiatus and will not accept admissions at this time. Contact the College of Science and Engineering for more information.
  • MET 355 has changed to MET 270 (Spring, 2020). It is on the Meteorology Major.
  • Application Fees were updated.
  • Credit by Examination fee was updated.
  • BCA 350 and BCA 351 were approved for Writing Intensive sections and for UP Group IV-A: Studies in Discrimination. 
  • HSC 212 - the correct title is Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology.
  • PES 215 - The description and prerequisites were corrected to what was approved by the General Education Committee on 11/29/19.
  • HST 326/WST 328 - (Spring 2020) - Course number for both changed to 226, title changed to From Trials to Women's Liberation: Women in America, description changed.
  • BIO 570 - (Spring 2020) - New Title and description, prerequisites, May be WI.
  • Military and Veteran's Services section - Rate of Pursuit added.
  • Statistics Major - in option B, it should say "Department of Statistics, Data and Actuarial Sciences."
  • The Statistics Minor should not be listed in the Mathematics Department section; it is only offered by the Department of Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences.
  • FIN 347 - The prerequisites were corrected to match the approved MCS.
  • ART 308 - The description was corrected to include the sentence "This course is repeatable when content is not duplicated."

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The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information about CMU’s academic programs available in the 2019-20 academic year and information concerning admissions, academic regulations and requirements, services available to students, and CMU staff and faculty. Students are responsible for ensuring that all requirements for graduation have been met. It is expected that students will regularly discuss their plans of study with academic advisors.

Central Michigan University reserves the right to modify curricula, rules, policies, fees, program requirements, and courses offered and other information contained in this Bulletin at any time, without notice. The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute a contract, express or implied.