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III. The University Program (27 hours)

Courses in the University Program introduce students to the major fields of human knowledge. A primary goal is to provide students with the conceptual tools necessary to provide order and meaning to the information acquired over the course of their lives. Courses included in the University Program were selected to aid students in developing a broad conceptual understanding that ultimately helps graduates function as concerned and thoughtful persons. Courses are identified by a three letter code, called a designator, as well as by a course number. Course designators refer to the areas of study. Each group is divided into at least two subgroups. Students are required to take at least one course from each subgroup to total 27 hours. This typically results in taking nine courses with different designators, but students have the option of repeating a designator once. A passing grade must be obtained in each course and students must maintain an overall average of C (2.0) or better in the University Program courses. See Additional Guidelines at the end of this section. Students with transfer credit should pay particular attention to material presented in Section IV: General Education Program Requirements for Students with Transfer Credit.

Two of the University Program courses must be used to earn at least six Writing Intensive credits. Course sections approved for Writing Intensive will be designated as WI sections in the Course Search and Registration. Courses counted as Writing Intensive must have a grade of C or better.