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Theater and Dance (TAI, DAN)

For information, contact the TAD office, 133 Moore Hall; 989-774-7710;

Why Study Theatre and Dance?

The ability to communicate well, crucial to all of our activities, is developed through informed and careful study in the disciplines of Theatre and Dance. Among the many areas of study are: theatre performance (including dramatic, musical and narrative theatre), theatre design and technology, and various dance techniques and choreography.

Theatre and Dance at CMU

The Department of Theatre and Dance engages undergraduates through scholarly inquiry, performance and production in an understanding of, appreciation for and experience with the dynamic, complex interaction between texts, artists and audiences and promotes awareness of the cultural environments and communities in which these elements interact. To these ends, the Department of Theatre and Dance strives to: (1) provide students with a foundation for the breadth and depth of study in the fields of theatre, interpretation and dance; (2) encourage a balance between learning by doing (performance and production) and by academic scholarship; (3) afford opportunities for all students to become involved in coursework and/or production regardless of their pre-professional or avocational interests; and (4) create a life-long interest in and appreciation for the importance of the arts in the well-being of the individual and larger society within which they function. For more information about Theatre and Dance programs, contact the Department of Theatre and Dance.

The Programs

Theatre and Interpretation Major: Design/Technical Theatre Concentration (BFA degree)
Theatre and Interpretation Major: Acting/Directing Concentration (BFA degree)
Theatre and Interpretation Major (BA, BS degree)
Theatre and Interpretation Minor
Dance Minor
Music Theatre Major (Interdisciplinary program)

The Faculty

Steven Berglund (Chair), Ricky Clarkson, Paul Collins, Ann Dasen, Dan Daugherty, Elaine Daugherty, Nancy Eddy, Stephen Harrick, Patrick Julian, Stacey Pattison, Jody Price, Andrea Purrenhage, Damian Sanderson, Keeley Stanley-Bohn, Daniel Thieme-Whitlow, Annette Thornton, Heather Trommer-Beardslee