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Fashion Design Minor, B.A.; B.A.A.; B.F.A.; B.S.; B.S. in B.A.

This minor focuses on methods of fashion design and is intended for students who want to learn how to design fashion apparel. The minor is planned to prepare students for a number of careers in the fashion industry that require competence in apparel construction and design, flat pattern and draping.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  1. Students majoring in FMD with a Design Concentration are not eligible for this minor.
  2. Students majoring in FMD w ith a Merchandising Concentration are eligible for this minor, but must complete FMD 241. Six (6) credits from their major will count toward the Fashion Design Minor.
  3. Students must achieve a C or better in all minor courses in order to graduate with this minor.
  4. In order to enroll in a minor course, student must have achieved a C or better in the required minor prerequisite course.
  5. Upon receipt of the third C- or lower in a minor course, student will not be allowed to complete the minor.
  6. Student must have a minimum program GPA of 2.7 in order to graduate with this minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses I (6 hours)

FMD 141Apparel Design Analysis


FMD 155Introduction to Textiles


Required Courses II (3 hours)

Select one of the following:

FMD 241Fashion Design: Illustration


FMD 246CAD for Fashion Design and Merchandising


Required Courses III (15 hours)

FMD 140Introduction to Clothing Construction and Design


FMD 245Fashion Design Methods


FMD 345Draping Fundamentals


FMD 347Digital Pattern Development and Virtual Fit


FMD 447Collection Development


Total: 24 semester hours