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Student Academic Division Complaint Tracking Procedures

The purpose of this section is to outline a procedure for tracking student complaints that come to the academic colleges and academic support units. Complaints to be resolved by the academic colleges or support units are those that are not governed by other complaint or appeal procedures. Students need to follow policies and procedures that currently exist. Those policies can be found in their Academic Bulletin (undergraduate, graduate, or Global Campus).

Definition. A complaint expresses dissatisfaction with an academic action believed to be unfair or inconsistent with policy or guidelines.

Procedure. A record of complaints that are resolved at the level of the academic colleges or academic support units will be documented and retained in each academic college or support unit. Annually, each academic college and support unit will review the complaints in an effort to identify trends and to improve the learning environment. A summary of the complaints that occurred in the previous academic year will be compiled by each academic college and support unit, and submitted annually to the Provost’s Office on or before July 31.

For a complete copy of this procedure, see