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General Application Requirements for Admission to Graduate Study

  1. Graduate Application. The application is available online at
  2. Application Fee. A fee is expected with each degree-seeking application. Applications are not processed without payment of the application fee. 
  3. Complete Official Academic Records. One official or original attested copy of any academic record. Generally, this is an applicant’s official transcripts, but may also be marksheets, consolidated marksheets, diploma, test records, or certifications. All academic records (including, but not limited to: transcripts, diplomas, and marksheets) submitted to CMU become the property of CMU and cannot be returned to the applicant. To be considered for graduate admissions, at a minimum, all applicants must hold a baccalaureate or equivalent degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university (accredited at the time the student attended), or in the case of institutions outside the U.S. a degree from an institution recognized by the government of that country at the time of attendance. Applicants who have previously attended CMU do not need to submit official CMU transcripts.
  4. Department Admission Requirements. Many departments require applicants to submit additional materials to be considered for admission. Applicants should review the department website for the program they are interested in to determine additional requirements. 
  5. English Proficiency. All applicants to CMU are required to meet the University’s English Proficiency requirements before enrolling in academic level courses. There are several ways an applicant can satisfy this requirement. See the English Proficiency section for details.

Application Deadlines

Some departments have specific application deadlines and review all graduate applications only after the application deadline has passed. See specific admissions deadlines and information set by individual programs. International applicants should apply a minimum of 6 months prior to the desired admitted start date, or earlier based on the application deadlines of the desired program.

Requirements may change, so all applicants, regardless of their field of specialization, should contact their specific departments to find out what, if any, application deadlines may exist.

Notification of Decision

Once an admission decision has been made applicants will be notified via email with the decision.

Enrollment Period

Admitted students have one year from their original admitted start semester to enroll in courses. If a student does not enroll in course within one (1) calendar year after being admitted for graduate study, the student is required to reapply for admission, including submission of a new application fee.

Retention of Admission Materials

CMU will retain an application file for one (1) year from the application submission date. If an application is complete and a decision made, the admission materials will be retained for one (1) year from the admitted start term. Applicants or admitted students who do not complete their application or enroll may be required to submit documentation again with future applications.