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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are established by the Board of Trustees and are subject to possible change. At the time of this printing of the Bulletin, tuition and fees had not been established for the 2018-2019 academic year, but is updated online. Contact the Student Account Services and University Billing Office at 888-610-4991 for updated information, or see for updates.

Tuition and fees for registration are to be paid in full when billed. Any past due financial obligations must be paid prior to the time of registration. Registration will not be allowed until such obligations are met.

CMU has a convenient and affordable tuition payment plan. The payment plan is an interest-free way to help students pay for college. Students may enroll online for this option, which allows more flexibility with tuition payments. For more information, ask a Student Service Court Advisor located in Bovee University Center 119 or see

Fees are payable by check, money order, electronic check online, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa. Students receive electronic statements from the CMU Student Account Services and University Billing office. Students are responsible for accessing their e-mail messages for monthly account balances and payment due dates on

Tuition Rates for Main Campus Credit Courses

Tuition Rates Per Credit Hour (2019-2020*)
Level of Courses Michigan Residents Non-Michigan Residents
Master's/Specialist $637.00 $850.00
Doctoral $726.00 $940.00

*Note: Tuition rates are set prior to the start of each academic year by the Board of Trustees.

Global Campus Tuition (19-20)

The 19-20 base tuition rate per credit hour for all Global Campus courses for which academic credit is given below. The President or designee may vary these tuition rates and fees according to cohorts, programs, locations, or terms of contracts.

 New, incoming undergraduate students:  
1Standard, lower level $417.00
 Standard, upper level 434.00
2 Military, lower level 299.00
 Military, upper level 299.00
Federal Employee Discount, lower level 354.00
Federal Employee Discount, upper level 369.00
State of Michigan Employee Discount, lower level 354.00
State of Michigan Employee Discount, upper level 369.00
Continuing Undergraduate Students:  
 Standard  430.00
 Federal Employee Discount 366.00
 State of Michigan Employee Discount  366.00
 Military Rate  299.00
 Graduate level:  
Graduate, Standard 637.00
Graduate, Military 366.00
Graduate, Federal Employee Discount 541.00
Graduate, State of Michigan Employee Discount 541.00
Educational & Professional Development 450.00
Disney - U.S. Students 295.00
Master of Business Administration
Online or on-campus 662.00
Online, Active Military 637.00
ERP Graduate Certificate Courses 662.00
M.S. in Information Systems - online or on-campus 662.00
MS-IS and MBA ERP fee for courses with S designation 50.00
Master of Entrepreneurial Transactions - online or on-campus 662.00 
M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics 637.00
Specialist in Education (Ed.S.)
Standard 637.00
Military Rate 366.00
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) 726.00
Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) 850.00
Doctor of Health Administration Military Rate 800.00
Doctor of Educational Technology (DET) 726.00


1Lower level = less than 56 credit hours; Upper level = 56 or more credit hours

2Military Rates are applicable to programs that do not exceed the standard undergraduate and graduate rates. However, the graduate military rate is also applicable to the Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics program.

Application Fees

Graduate: $50

Undergraduate: $40


Student Services Support Fee

The CMU Student Services Support Fee of $225.00 includes mandatory assessments for student-facing services and initiatives designed and offered to promote student success for all CMU students (main campus, online, and satellite campuses). The fee applies to all students/programs except the following: individuals eligible for active duty military rate; College of Medicine students (based on current pricing structure; not on a per credit hour basis-CMED students enrolled in additional courses or certificates are required to pay the student services fee); Disney College Program students; high school/dual enrollment students; senior citizens auditing courses; individuals enrolled in non-credit Education and Professional Development (E&PD) courses and study abroad students who directly enroll at host institutions.

The most current University Fee Listing may be accessed at:

Late Registration Fee

An additional fee of $100.00 will be charged to all students registering on or after the first day of classes for the semester or session.

Non-Payment Tuition Charge

Payment for tuition must be received by the stated due date or the student will be assessed a $100.00 Non-Payment Tuition Charge in addition to a $30 monthly late fee.

Returned Check Fee

A $25.00 handling fee is charged for checks returned by the bank (i.e., insufficient funds, account closed) which were presented to the university. Students may be involuntarily withdrawn from all classes if returned checks intended to cover tuition and/or past-due balances are not repaid as directed in the Notice of Returned Check letter. This letter will be mailed from the university upon receipt of a returned check.

Auditing Course Fee

Students who attend classes but do not desire credit pay the same fees and are governed by the same regulations as students desiring credit. See Auditing Courses for more information about auditing courses.

Special Course Fees

Many courses are approved for special course fees that must be paid in addition to tuition to cover costs of materials and services supplied to students. All courses with special fees will have the amount identified next to the course in the special fees column of each Course Search & Registration.

Global Campus Classes. For information regarding fees for Global Campus Programs and Educational and Professional Development, please contact the Global Campus office at 989-774-3865.

Field Trips. Expenses involving field trips in a class may be prorated among members of the class.

Excess Materials. Students using materials in excess of those furnished by the departments of Chemistry, Human Environmental Studies, Engineering Technology, and Journalism will be charged for the cost of those materials.

Flight Training. Students enrolled in flight training courses will be charged for aircraft and instructor time at rates established by the flight school.

Study Abroad Administrative Fee. CMU students enrolling in a study or internship program abroad pay a $150 administrative fee to the Office of Global Engagement. Students not currently enrolled at CMU pay a $300 administrative fee.

Credit by Examination Fee

The fee is $40 per credit hour. For more information, see Credit by Examination in the Undergraduate or Graduate Studies bulletins.

Graduation Fee

  • Undergraduate - No application fee.
  • Graduate - Application for graduation fee is $50.00 (per degree).

Transcript Fees

Transcript fees vary depending on the method of delivery. Fees will range from $2.25 for the most basic service to $52.25 for overnight services.

Transcripts of students with financial obligations to the university are not released until the obligation is paid.

Diploma Replacement Charge

$25.00 - Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Specialist’s degrees

$35.00 - Doctoral degrees and Graduate Certificates

Library Fees

Overdue reserve material:

  • Two-hour reserve materials: $1.00 first hour, 25 cents each successive hour.
  • Other reserve materials: $1.00 first day, 50 cents each successive day.

All Other Overdue Books:

  • $5.00 charge for each overdue item. Replacement cost of the purchase price of the item or $60.00 if the purchase price is not available plus $15.00 processing fee for lost items. Library fines can be paid on your CMU student account.

Housing Fees

Residence Halls. Various contracts are available depending on individual meal plans. Information regarding the plans, payment due dates, etc., can be found at

University Apartments. Various contracts are available depending on the individual unit and number of bedrooms.

Housing Application and Penalty Fees

  • Meal Plan Changes (Assessed to cover costs): $15.00
  • Housing Contract Breakage - Contract breakage fees will be assessed according to the Cancellation of Housing Agreement section of this Bulletin.
  • Lost Key Fee and Lock Change Fee
    • University Apartments: $33.00-50.00; $20 for US Mailbox key; $20.00 for Graduate Housing fob
    • Residence Halls: $50.00 - $100.00

Student Photo Identification Card

Students receive their photo identification card from the CentralCard office in the Bovee University Center Room 205. The first card is issued to the student at no charge. There will be a fee assessed for a replacement ID card due to loss or damage. Banking Services using the ID card are also available. For additional information, contact the Campus ID Office at 989-774-3484 or by visit the website at

Transfer of Campus ID Card. For your protection, the only person authorized to use your card is you. There is a $25 misuse fee if someone else is caught using your identification card.

Health Services Fees

University Health Services charges fees for the services provided. Payment is not required on the date of the visit. Courtesy insurance billing is provided if the student presents proof of current coverage (insurance card or photocopy of it) and authorizes us to do so. University Health Services participates with a number of health insurance and prescription drug plans. Some fees are subject to change without notice. For current charges for specific services contact the Health Services Business Office, Foust 201D, 989-774-1897.

All charges incurred at University Health Services are billed directly by University Health Services and are NOT part of your Student Account Services and University billing statement. Please contact the Business Office at 989-774-1897 if you have billing questions.

Vehicle Registration Fee

  • Commuter: $175.00 per academic year
  • Resident: $150.00 per academic year

For Spring Semester, the charge is one-half the annual fee. For Summer Semester, the charge is one-fifth the annual fee.

Further information can be found online at the Parking Services website.

Vehicle Registration Refund

Students not returning for the Spring Semester will be entitled to a fifty percent motor vehicle registration refund. Applications must be made prior to the end of the first week of classes of the second semester. Students withdrawing within two weeks of the first day of classes are entitled to a full refund of the motor vehicle registration fee for that semester. Applications for refunds should be made to the University Police and accompanied by identifiable portions of the parking decals.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycles must be registered through the CMU Police Department.  There is currently no charge for this service.  This may be done in person at the Police Department or online.  University policy also requires that bicycles be locked (only to bike racks).  It is suggested to use a heavy-duty "U-bolt" style lock. See