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Small Grants and Awards

Applications, current deadline and award amounts are available on the College of Graduate Studies website (

Research and Creative Endeavors Grants. Graduate Research & Creative Endeavors Grants provide funding to off-set the costs associated with conducting research or producing a creative endeavor. Applications are review twice per year.

Presentation Grants. Graduate Presentation Grants provide funding for students who research or creative endeavor are accepted for presentation at the state, national, or international level. Applications are review three times per year.

Dissertation Research Support Grant. This grant provides funding to off-set the costs associated with a student’s dissertation project. Applications are reviewed twice per year.

Outstanding Thesis, Doctoral Project, Dissertation, and Plan B Award. This award recognizes significant scholarly activity by graduate students and the contribution made by their faculty advisor. Students may be nominated by any CMU faculty member for an outstanding document completed at CMU during the 12 months prior to nomination. Nominations are due in October.