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Graduate Repeat Course Policy

To improve a grade previously earned at CMU, a student may repeat any course except an Independent Study course up to two times at the graduate level. This includes repeats where the student has earned a grade of A through E, or attempts where the student was awarded grades of CR, NC, I, W, or Z. The last grade and credit hours earned at CMU completely replace the previous grade and credit hours in computing the grade point average, although the earlier record remains a part of the student's transcript. A grade of A through E must be earned in a repeat course to replace the previous grade in computing the average. If the designator or the course number has changed since the student’s previous attempt, the student is encouraged to complete a Repeat Course Request card with the Registrar’s Office by the deadline date. This will ensure that the repeat will be noted and will be included in the current semester calculations. A graduate student cannot transfer in a course previously taken at CMU in order to earn credit. For exceptions to this limitation policy, a student may appeal to the College of Graduate Studies. (Graduate Committee, 10/11/17)